• Character Profile: Sera

It’s on the streets of Orlais that the Inquisition finds Sera—or rather, she finds them.

Sera‘s an outsider, a rogue elf, who senior writer, Luke Kristjanson describes as a “troublemaker.” She brings to the Inquisition the perspective of the little people caught between powerful factions as the world spins out of control.

“Sera is brash and fun,” Kristjanson says. “She takes nothing seriously until it deserves to be taken seriously, and not much does. She’s only seen power from the underside, a view that gives her an almost complete lack of respect for the arrogance behind authority.”

The Inquisition is the fastest Sera's ever seen someone “in power” move. She's never had the chance to get in early and make sure those heading to the top stay humble. But there are also big questions that she needs to answer for herself—“hole in the sky” big—and the Inquisition seems like the place to do it.

“The phrase I keep going back to is ‘she's not about what's right, she's about what's right now’,” Kristjanson says. “Doing something for the ‘greater good’ makes her angry, because she thinks that's shorthand for ‘let's hurt people who don't deserve it because it's easier.’ But she's got her own reasons for helping too. Play nice with the vulnerable and you’ve always got friends, and friends are better than power.”

During 18 years at BioWare, Kristjanson has written many memorable characters for nearly all of BioWare’s franchises from Baldur’s Gate to Inquisition. It’s different every time, but he says it’s always fun.

“Sera is raw and genuine,” says Kristjanson. “I’ve written plenty of characters who were too clever for their own good. Sera hasn’t had to test her beliefs, so she brings a level of honest discovery that is cutting and refreshing. I had a lot of fun with her voice in particular. The actor nailed it day one. From the first voice test, she was Sera. Her laugh is great.”

With the fate of Thedas hanging in the balance and pressures mounting, Sera’s reckless abandon won’t win over every party member she fights alongside.

“Sera likes people who try (even if they fail), and is suspicious of people who are so powerful they don’t have to,” Kristjanson says. “There are people she loves, people she hates, and people she loves to hate. That draws a line, in and out of the party.”

In short, Sera speaks her mind.

“She makes no secret of her feelings,” Kristjanson says. “I don’t think she could if she tried.”